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HOPE Harrow Anger management course

HOPE Harrow Anger management course


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H.O.P.E (Harrow)


The Lodge, 64 Pinner Road,
Harrow Middlesex HA1 4HZ


Registered Charity -
Harrow Family Learning Network
Charity Registration No. 1091703


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Conflict resolution for Parents of Teens

A workshop for parents of children aged 12+.

Conflict with pre-teens and teenagers is natural. The key thing is to manage it constructively

Managing conflict with your child has many benefits for both you and your Teen.


It can:

- help to reduce family stress levels

- reduce power struggles

- make you relationship with your child stronger

- give you both the chance to explore and develop respect for each other’s perspectives

- help your Teen learn and practise important life skills such as negotiation and compromise

- build a cohesive family unit


Hope Harrow






Online via Zoom




£30 or £15 Concessions (with proof)




Monday 4th July 2022


Book online or contact us for more information.