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Effective Parenting

Effective Parenting


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Money Matters

This course is for every parent who feels they would like to spend less and try and save more. If you would like to find
out how to manage your household budget more effectively then this is the course for you.


This 5 week programme aims to make the issue around money, engaging and fun. Parents have constant pressure
on their finances, having to meet expectations and demands from their children. It’s not always easy to find the
time and space to make the subject of money, and its challenges, part of family life and the children’s understanding.


Topics include:

Effectively communicating with children and the confidence to say ‘No’ without feeling guilty, easy ways to spend
less and start to save money, budget planning and using a spending diary, and helping children to understand
'need' versus 'want'.


Hope Harrow






The Lodge,

64 Pinner Road,







£10.00 (Refunded on completion of course)




Thursday 24th January 2019


Thursday 21st February 2019


5 sessions. Children are invited to attend 21st February session during half term.


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