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HOPE Harrow Anger management course

HOPE Harrow Anger management course


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H.O.P.E (Harrow)


The Lodge, 64 Pinner Road,
Harrow Middlesex HA1 4HZ


Registered Charity -
Harrow Family Learning Network
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Anger Management for Parents & Teens Together

Part of the Effective Parenting Series. Enjoy parenting confident, happy and co-operative children.


Do you sometimes feel you are both living in the same world but on different planets?

This Anger Management course is designed for Parents and Teens to attend together.


During this 6 week course we will look at improving both Parents' and Teen’s understanding of anger and share tips and strategies on how to enhance relationships.


The majority of the course is run with Parents and Teens in separate rooms joining the groups at times to work together. The topics are the same, however the content is delivered from a Parents or Teens perspective.


The aim of the course is to help with managing difficult, often destructive behaviours and emotions, through a better understanding of anger, helping to create a happy, cooperative, cohesive home environment.


Hope Harrow






The Lodge,

64 Pinner Road,






£50 or £25 Concessions (with proof)




Monday 14th June 2021


Monday 19th July 2021


Total of 6 sessions


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